Does a Transfer Case Require Maintenance?

March 30th, 2021 by

Vehicle owners aren't always familiar with every part of a car. Few likely could name the many individual components found inside a drivetrain. Learning a basic overview of the parts could help with keeping alert to any potential problems. The transfer case provides a vital function, so staying on top of any issues seems wise.

As the name implies, the transfer case focuses on a transfer of power. Specifically, the power goes from the engine to the transfer case. The transfer case then redirects that power to the rear and front axles. Basically, on four-wheel-drive models, the transfer case helps even out and align the four wheels.

The gears in a transfer case require lubrication, so getting them checked on time represents a duty owners shouldn't neglect. A technician may check the transfer case when examining performance problems.

West Herr Jeep Orchard Park could assist drivers with transfer case maintenance requests. Our Orchard Park, NY service department awaits their call.

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