Do You Know the Benefits of Car Wax in Orchard Park, NY?

May 27th, 2021 by

Is waxing your car after washing it necessary? At the end of the day, it really can help you protect your paint and keep your car looking its best. At West Herr Jeep Orchard Park, we think it is important to understand what car wax is so that you can see all of its benefits.

Car wax creates a thin, clear barrier between your vehicle's paint and the pollution, dirt, rain, and other things it gets exposed to. The wax you buy in stores can be made from many different things, some of which are natural and some of which are synthetic. They can also be applied in different ways because they come in spray-on, liquids, and paste forms.

How often you wax your vehicle will depend on what type you have used. Generally speaking, you should expect to have to put on a coat every 8 to 12 weeks after washing your car.

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