If you routinely test your battery at home, you'll raise your confidence in your Orchard Park, NY-area vehicle. We use multimeters to test batteries at West Herr Jeep Orchard Park. A good multimeter will cost you about the same as a seafood dinner. If your battery's terminal posts exhibit corrosion, you will also need a tool called a terminal brush, which runs about the same price as a fast-food cheeseburger.

We advise that you activate your headlamps for a couple of minutes before testing your battery. That step optimizes your battery to be read by a multimeter. After you switch off your headlamps, dial your multimeter to 20 DC volts.

Now, connect your multimeter's probes with your battery's terminal posts. You'll find that the probes and posts are color-coded, so you can simply match the colors. Momentarily, your multimeter will display your battery's available capacity. A reading of 12.0 volts or more indicates a sufficient charging capacity.

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