Are You Ready to Clean Your Own Headlights?

Your headlights are something that you can certainly do something about. There is absolutely no reason why you need to allow them to get dirty and become fogged up. Once they do reach this stage though, you need to get them back into working order.

Insect repellent is the answer that you are looking for. This universal product is something that you can buy at any department store or many other types of retailers as well. It is easy to acquire, and it gets the job done. It has a chemical called DEET in it that is great for cleaning up those foggy headlights.

You will want to spray the repellent on a rag. After that, use the rag to wipe down the headlight. Do not spray repellent directly on the headlight as this increases the odds of it getting somewhere you don't want (i.e. the paint on your car). That is all it takes to start making a difference in the quality of your headlights.

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