How to Stay Safe While Driving in the Winter

Of all the seasons, driving in the winter can be the trickiest. When snow or ice covers the road, it can be challenging even to move a few feet, much less make it to your destination. At West Herr Jeep Orchard Park, we want you to stay safe on the road throughout this winter driving season, so we offer these simple tips for winter weather driving.

First, make sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly. Fast starts and stops in Orchard Park, NY will cause your tires to skid, potentially resulting in a collision if you don't have enough room to get the skid under control. Second, always be sure to carry an emergency kit in your car with items like blankets, a first aid kit, warning triangles, and other things you'll need to stay safe and warm if you encounter trouble on the road.

If your vehicle has seen one winter too many, stop by our dealership to take a new car for a test drive.

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