Winter Car Care Makes Sense

Here comes the winter and don't always expect it to turn into a wonderland. Your car might go through some serious troubles once the temperature drops. Of course, a responsible owner can minimize winter's hazards by following a few cold-season care steps.

Car owners don't always double-check the things commonly taken for granted. Often, drivers assume the heater will work fine. How do you know that if you haven't used it in some time? Turn on the hot air to see what happens. If there are any issues, get a repair job done right away.

Make sure the engine isn't suffering from any issues, either. When the engine's stalling or idling rough, things might get far worse when the temperature drops. Maybe a mechanic should look at the engine before then.

Any concerns about winter care or routine maintenance can be addressed in our service department. Call West Herr Jeep Orchard Park and asked to be transferred to that department to set up an appointment.

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