Are You Struggling with Pet Hair Inside Your Car?

June 19th, 2020 by

A few ways to deal with pet hair inside your car prove interesting. Spraying a little water on the seats and rubbing them with a rubber glove is surprisingly effective. Even more shocking, using a balloon with static electricity on dry seats may deliver results. And there are other more expected ways to deal with pet hair.

Vacuuming could help if you go about the job the right way. Furiously using a standard car wash vacuum can tire you out and deliver minimal results. There should be a brush attachment utilized. The brush breaks the strands free so that they can be suctioned.

Adhesive tape also grabs hair. You might want to use the tape after vacuuming. Dabbing tape across all the seats requires a lot of work. Directing such efforts towards stubborn spots, however, isn’t so bad.

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